How Fleet Truck Washing Works And Why It’s So Important

A commercial fleet is a moving advertisement for its owner. When people see a branded truck or van on the road, they form an instant opinion of the quality of the service the vehicle provides. If the truck is clean and in great condition, it makes a good impression and helps to build a trustworthy reputation for the company it represents. That’s why high-quality fleet truck washing is a service worth investing in.

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing is a method of cleaning that uses pressurized water at a high temperature to clean any hard surface. This method can be used on aluminum, chrome, steel, fiberglass, plastics, concrete, and many other materials. Power washing eliminates the need to hand scrub large surface areas, and it allows technicians to clean a fleet of vehicles in a relatively short time. However, many professionals use a combination of power washing and soft pressure cleaning to clean all parts of a vehicle.

What Are The Steps In The Process Of Power Washing?

Power washing can be done in one or two steps. The one-step method involves spraying a heated cleaning fluid and rinsing it off at high pressure. The two-step method begins with an application of an acidic cleanser or aluminum brightener to remove stains and deeply embedded grime. This is followed by a regular wash with soap and high-pressure water. Trucks that are very dirty and have not been washed in a long time are more likely to need the two-step method.

Where Does Power Washing Take Place?

Some fleet-washing services require clients to bring their trucks to a wash bay, but many offer mobile services. With mobile fleet washing, professionals bring their equipment to the client and do all the cleaning on-site. Mobile services may include washing the body of the vehicle, washing the wheels and tires, cleaning the windows and mirrors, and even cleaning the interior of the cab, truck bed, or trailer.

The benefits of a clean fleet go beyond visual appeal. Clean trucks are less likely to get pulled over, and they typically need less maintenance and fewer repairs than trucks that are not well cared for. For these reasons, professional washing is a key part of fleet truck maintenance.

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